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                Get this book sooner rather than later. You'll be happy you did!

By GlueFactoryBJJ

The bottom line is this book is about WRITING the dissertation. It is focused on that topic. Whether you are a PhD student in the middle of your coursework, ABD, an adviser/committee member, someone teaching a graduate-level research writing seminar, or a family member/friend of someone who is working on their dissertation, you should get this book! You would be sorry if you did not.

              Fantastic guide for graduate students among all disciplines!

By Monica

“I wish I had this book to guide be through my master's degree! When I have my own students to advise, I would definitely make this book a required read.”

              A handbook for all Ph.D. students from Day 1

By Betty

I am in the 6th year of my Ph.D. program, and I only wish I have had this book the first day when I admitted in the program…She makes the dissertation process more humane and realistic by recognizing other duties we have in life and shows you how to work around that. As a mom with a 3 years-old, this book give me the confidence that I finish my dissertation in a foreseeable future. Highly recommended!


Single has written an amazing book for both advisors and students alike. I would recommend this book to anyone who works with any graduate students who are considering continuing their studies and those who are already in a doctoral program.

— NACADA Journal, National Academic Advising Association


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